Why physical interaction is vital for humans in the future

We have all thought about what the future will be like, especially now more than ever. Our cities are no longer vibrant but empty, our healthcare system is fragile, travel and human contact is restricted. So why is it vital that we have any physical interaction with one another in our lives in the future?

Traditionally cities were built around centralised utility points such as Malls, churches and social spaces where physical interaction was the centre of society. However, that is changing! Future cities will be built on centralised intelligent energy networks, with big distribution networks and digitalised environments where convenience comes first to customers!

The sharing economy is ever becoming more prevalent and relevant, soon we won’t buy products anymore, but services. Smart cars will deliver packages at night and drive people around during the day. We will not be part of a single city but become part of interconnected mega cities as travel is and will become cheaper, faster and more efficient. This will enable us to transport raw materials and let communities print their own tools to service their functional needs independently. Both individuals and farmers will develop a culture of indoor cultivation of food, which will support society.

More micro-consumer choices will be available than ever before, this will influence our healthcare system and dramatically change in a way we care for ourselves. Self-monitoring through sensors will make us more self-aware and give us unique understanding of ourselves. This kind of insight will equip us with information to take action and proactively treat ourselves instead of reactively as we are currently.

Learning is about making progress and our education system will follow the same pattern where digital environments and eco-systems will become the norm and traditional schools will not. Shops will become showrooms, where you eventually make your purchase online and global commerce will no longer be dependent on location.

This is where it gets scary! Who will own the platforms through which these services take place, who collects the profit and who pays?

Physical service-based industries such as travel, hospitality, food & drink and entertainment will be standardised with technology. Physical interaction will become a luxury and priced at a premium, machine/digital engagement will be standardised everywhere. The problem is, that we are not taking into account the only thing that makes us human from a psychological standpoint, is our ability to have emotive personal interactions with people around us and those who we interact with. BTLR is a startup founded to change the future of how we interact as humans, focusing on making physical service personal and meaningful in the era of complete digitalisation.

The future of how we live, interact and engage with people. The environments around us will be radically different to those previously experienced. Technology is evolving faster than we can and building a world with physical interaction needs to be prioritised at this point in time. In order to proactively take part in building this future, join the global BTLR network and ensure human interaction stays personal and meaningful in the future!