is BTLR?

Individualized personal service. 

Everyone is unique and we understand that better than most! So, the next time you go out, travel, shop, do business, etc... Get your personal butler.

Connect with your butler now

This is something exciting! We will send you a confirmation email and then connect you with your own personal butler.

How you connect with the world

Irrespective of your charater type, social expectaion or need for service excellence, your BTLR understands you, and will enable you to experience true personalisation.
Wherever you go or whatever you do, personalise all your experiences and create unforgettable memories.

All the control at your fingertips

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Save time by never having to repeat yourself, ever... 

Have your mannerisms, preferences & values automatically communicated for you.

Stay in control - over what personal information gets shared and whom it gets shared with, by managing your categories.

Share preferences with any service provider, anywhere, anytime.

We make it simple to get what you need

Feel awkward about having special requirements? - No need to ever ask again, just BTLR them.

Privately share - what you don't like, diets you are following, or literally any special requirement. 

Update or remove your information whenever you need to.

"I'm vegan and lactose intolerant, so this is perfect for me to have coffee shops always know that I need almond milk in my cappuccino"


Don't just take our word for it

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Omashola Kola Oburoh

Actor | Model | Entrepreneur


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“It's so valuable to me for businesses to know what I want without me having to explain it over and over.

“Very, very interesting ! I love what you are doing with BTLR.”

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B. Joseph Pine II

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Author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies

The Experience Economy


Valerie Thys

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🇧🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 Talk show host | Media Pro


“I enjoy and am accustomed to luxury. It makes my day when I go somewhere and they know who I am and what I like. It makes me feel special and shows me that they actually care. This is why I am excited about BTLR.”


Optimize your experiences with smart service providers

Not getting what you want? - We will ensure that your service providers know how they can provide an enhanced experience without you ever needing to ask.

No more bad experiences - Instantly stop sharing any information about your preferences with any service provider.

You're in control - get individualized experiences everywhere.

"My personal preferences can also be to turn off all sharing, so absolutely no information about myself is shared with anyone"


Relax your infomation is safe 

We take safety and security seriously. You are always the custodian of your own data and in control of everything. 

Disable and enable how your information is shared.

We use industry-leading technology to store your data.  

We release information through tokenization for a single-use instance by a service provider. Once you have been serviced, your data is returned to you for control and ownership.

"It's like a digital wallet where all your information is secure and you can super easily manage how it's shared"


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It's time to start having experiences you'll actually enjoy

We created BTLR to increase the world's service ability, by introducing a new service-standard capability that is more meaningful, more personal and more memorable than anything you've ever experienced before.

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Effortlessly set up your BTLR account

Register - We'll connect you with your personal butler, who will understand all your lifestyle preferences and requirements.

Download the BTLR app.

Confirm or adjust your sharing thresholds

"Setting up my BTLR account was an amazing experience. It highlighted the varying degrees of attention that micro-elements of my lifestyle needed"



Frequently Asked Questions

We DON'T want you to spend your life consumed by our solution like other platforms do, no reminders, no competition for your attention. We encourage you to live your life and enjoy everyday experiences outside of our app, while we automatically make sure that those experiences are sensational for you in the background.

BTLR is your personal digital butler, that ensures that all your contextually applicable personal preferences, needs and expectations are met when engaging with service providers. Our digital platform stores and automatically informs businesses about your needs and likes, so that you can experience, enjoy and celebrate life more.

Go out and indulge in both normal and sensational experiences any time anywhere, without ever having to explain how you would like something done or what you might need. We do it all for you. 

BTLR is designed to enhance any business or individual that services you, both online and in-person. If you're going on holiday, at an airport lounge, in a business meeting or interacting within a virtual environment, your BTLR will work to ensure that your personal needs and expectations are met. 

While we are in our Beta Phase, the utilization of BTLR is limited to specific geographic locations. Sign up and we'll let you know when we available in your region.

We store your preferences using industry-leading technologies and encryption protocols, that are always 100% accessible and managed by you. You will always remain the custodian of your own data, that can be deleted, updated and added if you wish. 

Unlike other companies, our business is NOT driven by the accumulation of data for our benefit. We empower you to be the custodian of your own data, and mange where and how it's shared - so that it directly benefits you.


And yes, because you will have the ability to share your information by way of tokenization technologies, no service provider will be able to use your information in any other instance than that of when you interact or allow them to do so.

Have any aspect of your lifestyle managed for a fixed monthly fee of $25. This includes ALL individualized service categories and grants you access to exclusive perks from our BTLR partners. Simply put, there are no limitations of use.

BTLR was created to meet your personal needs. There are no long-term contracts and no long-term commitments. Enable, pause or cancel your account online at any time. No cancellation fees, no re-activation fees, just pure personalised use of service.


Get your personal butler today



500 customer queries

3 business locations

Customer journey touchpoint alignment.

Accessible via web-portal & API

Custom preference allocation

BTLR partner certification

24/7 BTLR technical support



150 customer queries

1 business location

Customer journey touchpoint alignment.

Accessible via web-portal & API

Custom preference allocation

BTLR partner certification

24/7 BTLR technical support



Unlimited customer queries

Unlimited business locations

Customer journey touchpoint alignment.

Accessible via web-portal & API

Custom preference allocation

BTLR partner certification

24/7 BTLR priority support