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The Future of Luxury is Personalised.


BTLR is your digital preference manager. It hyper-personalises all your hotel, shopping, outdoor, dining experiences and more, ensuring that your dietary requirements, salutation and all personal l preferences are stored safely. You control who has access, and what is shared. So next time you go on holiday or out for a drink, just share your BTLR preferences and they’ll know exactly what you like and how you like it!

How BLTR Works

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Create your BTLR account


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Set up & Manage your Preferences anywhere, anytime.



Go out and explore, experience all your favorite restaurants, hotels, shopping experiences...


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Enjoy exclusive personalised experiences that create unforgettable memories.

Our world is connected

now we're making it smart.

About BTLR

Our story is simple… 

We socialise, we do business, we dine, we shop, we travel, we meet, we explore, we learn. We don't always get the personalised, exclusive and luxurious experiences which we love. 

So we fixed it…

Ready to Experience True Luxury?

Create an account, set up your preferences ONCE, and never repeat yourself again.

Access & Manage Your Preferences Anywhere

Together with our scientific analysis to personalisation, you get to further manage your personal luxury preferences anywhere on earth, right from your BTLR account.

Personalize Any Experience 

Use your BTLR  account to personalise & control the type of experiences, information and preferences that you have.
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Build memories

Enjoy exclusive personalised experiences, and create unforgettable memories.

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We understand you need MORE luxury, MORE access to exclusivity, and MORE immersion into personalised experiences.



"BTLR is founded on the basis of massively enhancing the value of interaction; focusing on making experiences personal and meaningful in the era of on-demand satisfaction"


“My job requires me to travel extensively, and at times it becomes extremely stressful. BTLR will help me simplify the process of not having to explain to restaurants what dietary requirements I have or all my hotels knowing that I always need fruit in my room.”

Kevin Lütolf

Brand Ambassador MINI Switzerland

Model | Actor


What can your BTLR do?

Besides hyper-personalizing your everyday life, the possibilities are endless; from individualizing the service you receive as per your health requirements all the way to space shuttle experiences.


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