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From everyday activities to enjoying life's most exciting experiences, BTLR helps you get what you want in the way that want it.

Our vision

The world today should revolve around you


The world is digitised and commotisied, to the point where no matter where you go in the world you have the same experiences from hotels, restaurants, cinemas and shopping malls, etc. It's all the same, the same brands the same infrastructure, and it's not personal at all. We have so much today however simple things like someone knowing what your name is or which bread you like at a patisserie halfway across the world is currently not possible.


We will travel more in our generation than ever before and yet only some of our local service providers might know what we like and how we like it. We changing that and want to make you a ‘local’ in the global community, where you are the center of our own world, no matter where you go. You should be the central node and the infrastructure, people and environment should revolve around you. Your BTLR will ensure you are the proverbial ‘local’ wherever you go making sure your experiences are individualized, personal and meaningful in this era of complete on-demand satisfaction.

Our mission

To enhance the world's service quality.

Who we are

In our personal capacity, we are founders who love to socialise, do business, dine, shop, travel, meet up, explore, learn and think differently. However, we struggle to have meaningful experiences in most places

around the world.


So we decided to fix this by building BTLR.


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