We're building the world's first individualised lifestyle manager

From standard everyday activities to life's most exciting moments, BTLR helps you enjoy life in a sensational way that you uniquely expect !

Our vision

The world is small enough to revolve around you


Our ability to be globally connected, express our individuality, share our experiences, have personal likes and dislikes, be committed to our unique core-personal values, create a unique public image and show interest for the most-microcosmic subjects, implies an individual need for the way in which we engage and prefer to be engaged with.


In addition, access to luxury and personalized service has traditionally been available to only those who’s financial affluence allowed for it. We’ve decided to change this, by not only affording you access to hyper-personalized service but additionally allowing for it to be presented to you in a luxurious and meaningful manner. We want to make you a ‘local’ in the global community, having you become the centre of your own world, no matter where you go. You should be the central node of our global presence, while infrastructure, people and the environment adapts to you.


Your BTLR will ensure that your experiences are individualized, personal and meaningful in the era of complete on-demand satisfaction.

Our mission

To simply enhance the world's service quality and capability for all.

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Who we are

We are a group of individuals that have been personally exposed to the entire spectrum of personalized service and luxury; from non-existent service-quality to bespoke services; from inferior quality to exotically sourced material for personal products.

This exposure coupled with our extensive business and technology professional experience, within multiple countries for recognised global enterprises, medium sized businesses and start-ups, has naturally geared us to be best positioned for the creation of a service which enhances the ability for any organisation across all industry sectors and market segments to service their clients in a truly meaningful way.

Simply put, we socialise, we do business, we dine, we shop, we travel, we explore, we learn and we think uniquely. We don’t however always receive the service that celebrates this, so we fixed it… Welcome to BTLR

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