Create richer and more personalized customer experiences with BTLR. 

The demand for product and service personalisation is becoming the ‘new norm’. BTLR is at the forefront of assisting businesses to achieve their customer's expectation of personalised experiences; both online and in-person.

The most impactful way to delight, surprise and make every customer feel special.

BTLR is a personalization platform that connects customer's essential and personal needs with great businesses. We make your business smarter by providing individual client and customer preference insights in a contextual way, allowing you to amaze them in a personalized manner while ensuring that their complex and evolving needs are constantly met.

Why optimize your service & product offering dynamically ?

Boost your business


Our in-depth client studies and scientific approaches provide you with contextual information on your customer and client at every touchpoint within your engagement process, so you can effortlessly enhance your customer experience; the best thing is, we'll even suggest how!

It's 100% hassle-free


We do not interrupt any existing processes or procedures within your business. We simply enhance them at no cost. Start becoming relevant to each customer in ways they’ve never experienced before!

Get really smart!

Understand customers unexpressed and expressed needs ahead of time. while being 100% compliant with all global data privacy laws and policies.

Don't just take our word for it


Valerie Thys

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🇧🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 Talk show host | Media Pro


“I enjoy and am accustomed to luxury. It makes my day when I go somewhere and they know who I am and what I like. I feel special and it shows me that they actually care. This is why I am excited about BTLR.”

“Very, very interesting ! I love what you are doing with BTLR.”

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B. Joseph Pine II

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Author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies

The Experience Economy

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Omashola Kola Oburoh

Actor | Model | Entrepreneur


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“It's so valuable to me for businesses to know what I want without me having to explain it over and over.

What BTLR takes into account

When creating meaningful customer experiences

Traditional Context 

Businesses use to create customer experiences

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Customer X - Standard Hotel Variables.pn
Use case from Hospitality Industry
Hover in & out the box

How BTLR works within your business

Integrate, Automate & Seach customer pre

Automate, integrate & easily access preferences

Start winning - access all customer insight via our web-portal, mobile apps or integrate directly with our API.

Automate hyper-personalized customer experiences - for any  engagement or communication.​

Learned something new ? Update important customer details in one place, that refelects everywhere.

Receive actionable preferences

Understand customers unexpressed and expressed needs and wants ahead of time.

Only get what's necessary - We share contextualized information to each touch-point within your customer engagement process.

All preferences are presented in natural language, that can be easily interpreted and actioned.

"It makes my day when I go somewhere and they know who I am and what I like. I feel special and it shows me that they actually care."


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Seamlessly transfer information securely

Transfer customer preferences between staff members, within single or multiple user journeys.

Enable and disable specific staff access and information insight.

No - You don't need user training. Our user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Empowering your organization to enhance its service quality


By making use of our seamlessly integratable solution, YOUR products, services and solutions can be presented in an individualized, personalized, meaningful and sensational way to your customers - both online and in-person. Enhanced customer personalization… greater bottom-line performance.

Become a BTLR partner 

Cater for hyper-personalized and individualized experiences…. Grow your brand loyalty.

Gain access to many more clients.


Common questions

Data Privacy?

All information access rights remain under the control of BTLR users. This allows for your organization to gain consent to consume information and insight while being fully compliant with all global data-privacy regulations, laws and policies. We further use tokenization technologies to ensure single-journey-use data consumption and data privacy.​

How do I become a Partner?

1. Register for BTLR Business.

2. We will onboard your business and empower you with BTLR's proprietary technology.

3. You're ready to start reaping the business benefits of enhanced customer experience.

4. Once you have a proven track record of service excellence, we will award you with partnership status (and all its perks).

How much does BTLR Business cost?

Please apply for BTLR Business below and we will share all relevant costing details.

Does BTLR cater for multiple languages?

Yes, all preferences can be translated into the most common languages when required. 

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